Falmer Village Parish Council

Parish Councils are the lowest tier of government. They are non-political bodies. Falmer Parish Council strives to look after the village and do its best for the local community. Falmer pond and green is owned by Brighton and Hove City Council and the village is reliant on their funding to maintain this area and keep it looking attractive.

Parish Council meetings are held every two month and dates are advertised on village notice boards. Parish Council accounts are available for inspection at anytime. For more details please contact chair of the Parish Council Melanie Cutress on 01273 605617.


Expenditure 2016/17

Falmer Parish Council is a small parish council which owns no land or buildings and employs no staff.

End of year balance 2016-2017

Minutes 2017/18

Minutes of Parish Council meeting on 26th September 2017

Agendas 2017/18

Agenda for Parish Council meeting on 5th December 2017

End of Year Audit 2016/17

End of Year Audit 2016/17 - Part 1

End of Year Audit 2016/17 - Part 2